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Why row for Maryland Men’s Crew?

Rowing is an excellent all-around strength and conditioning sport. It is a non-contact sport, so injuries are very infrequent and usually minor. Maryland Crew is where you will meet your best friends.

Can I join if I don’t have any rowing experience?

Yes, everyone is welcome to join the team as long as they are ready to work hard.

What makes a good rower?

Rowing is a sport where teamwork and passion override individual ability. A good rower is a person who is willing to devote time and energy into making not only themselves stronger and faster, but their teammates as well.

What is a coxswain and why are they important?

In a racing shell, there are typically 4 or 8 rowers in the boat but there is one additional person called a coxswain. The coxswain is in charge of both steering the boat and directing the crew as needed. Typically coxswains are small and light.

What kind of races do we enter into?

Novice boats are made up of rowers who are in their first year of rowing. Junior Varsity and Varsity boats consist of everyone who is beyond their first year on the team. Lightweight boats are made up of men weighing less then or equal to 165 lbs.

What does it cost?

For Fall 2013, Novice dues will be $125 and Varsity dues will be $250. This money goes towards entering races, buying and maintaining equipment, travel and rack space at the boathouse.

What are the expectations of the athletes?

MD Crew expects all athletes to embrace the team concept, represent the University of Maryland with the highest degree of integrity, and take responsibility for your performance.

Safety - Each athlete is expected to be aware of and to follow the safety rules outlined in the MD Safety Guide.

Conduct - Each athlete is expected to follow team rules with regard to appropriate conduct and respect for fellow teammates, coxswains, competing teams, referees, and equipment. Each athlete is expected to display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.

Where and when does MD Crew practice?

We carpool to our team boathouse which is located about 2.5 miles from campus. We hold practices five days/week and often have optional/additional land practices for those interested in competing at the national level.

For the fall 2013 season, novices will practice in the afternoon and varsity will practice in the mornings.

Our boathouses address is:

4601 Annapolis Rd.
Bladensburg, MD 20710

How long is each race?

Fall races are usually 5000m and in spring races are usually 2000m.

Q: Do I have to get up early?

A: Most days, yes. This is the worst part of rowing, but after a couple days, you'll love getting up to practice and hanging out with a great team. After experiencing that feeling of winning a race after weeks of morning practices, waking up early will no longer phase you.